Chesterfield Certificate of Authenticity

The Chesterfield Brand™ is a well-known and leading brand for Chesterfield furniture.

House of Chesterfield is an exclusive sales partner for The Chesterfield Brand™ and delivers the products directly from the manufacturer to you. The Chesterfield Brand™ furniture you see on our website is produced in an honest and traditional way in our own production facilities.

The Original Chesterfield Certificate, from The Chesterfield Brand, distinguishes itself from all other Chesterfield certificates due to the fact that:

  • The original Certificate is printed on certified paper.
  • The original Certificate is provided with a seal, made by means of a stamp which guarantees the authenticity of this physical document.
  • The original Certificate is signed from the factory.
  • The original Certificate is provided with a unique production/order number.
  • The original Certificate number can be traced back to the craftsman.
  • The original Certificate is inextricably linked to the guarantee conditions.
  • The original Certificate gives entitlement to the transferable guarantee upon sale.

Is a Certificate of Authenticity an official document?

You will receive a certificate of authenticity with every sofa or armchair you buy at House of Chesterfield. This is much more than just a piece of paper. The certificate gives you the guarantee that you have purchased original Chesterfield furniture from The Chesterfield Brand™, and that you are therefore dealing with a genuine Chesterfield brand.

The most important feature of this certificate is that it is drawn up per piece of furniture and from within the brand. All our furniture comes with a standard 3 year guarantee on the leather, and a 12 year guarantee on the frame. The guarantee conditions are only transferable with "The Chesterfield Brand" and therefore always remain valid for the individual piece of furniture, regardless of the owner.

Should you decide to buy a new Chesterfield within the guarantee period, then you can easily sell your current furniture to a second owner. With the original certificate they are still entitled to the remaining years of guarantee. What's more, the furniture remains more stable in value when you can pass on the corresponding certificate.

Check the following features to see if you have received an original certificate by viewing the images below. The production number is always unique. You benefit from a guarantee from the brand and not from a middle-man, which is unique in Europe.